Eat breakfast to lose weight

Eat breakfast to lose weight

June 23, 2019

Created by Razan Shwayhat


We hear it a lot “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and definitely for a good reason. For children, studies have proved that students who eat good breakfast have better results. Does this mean that if we grow up and we are not students anymore we don’t need breakfast? Of course not! Benefits of a healthy breakfast are far beyond good results.


Then why do some people skip breakfast? Here I try to answer some of the usual excuses.

 “- I don’t have time to prepare breakfast - you can either prepare it the night before or just grab a banana with yoghurt,

 - I can’t eat as soon as I wake up - you don’t have to eat breakfast the minute you jump out of bed, you can have your coffee and eat after 1-2 hours,

  • Eating breakfast makes me hungry all day - when you eat a sugary and fatty breakfast, you’ll be hungry very quickly, avoid doughnuts and crepes,
  • I skip breakfast to reduce some calories - you save little calories and then you will be eating more calories…”

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about the benefits of breakfast.

Eating a healthy breakfast helps you to lose weight, how?

When you have good breakfast, the temptations to eat unhealthy food or grab a quick chocolate bar or chips when you get hungry is less, so you save unnecessary calories. And when you reach lunchtime, you will be able to make smarter choices too. Also eating breakfast helps in keeping sugar-insulin level balanced which in turn helps in preventing insulin resistance and fat accumulation.

To make healthy breakfast, make sure you include whole grains, vegetables, protein and healthy fat.  A slice of whole grain bread with poached egg and avocado can be an excellent choice.