The Beach Bag for Healthy Skin

The Beach Bag for Healthy Skin

May 16, 2019

Created by Razan Shwayhat


To have healthy skin, the first rule before going to the beach is to put on sunblock. But there is more to healthy skin than sunblock and you need to start from inside not outside. Nourish your skin with these foods to keep your skin young, fresh and glowing this summer:


  1. Watermelon: Drink a lot of water, the dehydrated body reflects first on your skin leaving it dry and cracks easily and lines start to show. Not only you need to drink your 8-10cups of water, but you also need to eat more watery fruits and veggies like watermelon, lettuce, cucumber…



  1. Red Bell Pepper: This crunchy vegetable has more vitamin C than an orange which is very important for collagen production. Collagen preserves the elasticity of the skin and keeps it young.



  1. Spinach: Just like carrots too, rich in Vitamin A, a strong anti-ageing vitamin that helps in preventing wrinkles.



  1. Avocado: Though it's rich in fat it’s the good fat and Vitamin E a very important vitamin for healthy skin and avoiding sunburns.



  1. Pineapples: Rich in vitamin C and bromelain (an enzyme). Vitamin C again is a very strong antioxidant that protects your skin from the damage of the sunlight and bromelain is a very effective skin softener.



Whether you choose to munch on these fruits and vegetables or add them to your salad or even prepare a smoothie with these fruits and veggies just make sure you eat them every day for young and glowing skin.